What we do


Our approach differs to others as we look at brands holistically, assessing their vulnerabilities as well-as their story-telling potential. Because of this, we’re able to support throughout the entire brand journey, meaning we’re as fluent at long term brand building as we are at handling crises. And we do a fair few launches and news dominating publicity stunts, too (as you might expect with our name …!)

Some agencies are good at the thinking, but poor at the delivery. Others can be great project managers but produce average creative. So the campaign gets stuck, momentum is lost, the idea loses direction – it becomes less real, less valuable.

When our clients say why they enjoy working with us, they say it’s because we don’t just deliver game changing ideas, but we’re equally good at getting the results too – and really great to work with.

At Launch, we aim high for our brands - and we deliver. Ideas always become real with us.


As part of our commitment the real ideas™, we've also curated the first ever guided ‘creative tour’ of Soho.

Called The Creative Crawl, we've hooked up with Blue Badge Guide and former City of London Corporation Comms Chief Greg Williams to create the 45-minute whistle stop creative tour of W1. The Crawl even has its own map.

Designed as inspiration for those seeking to evoke the creativity of some of Soho’s greatest creative spirits, The Creative Crawl covers the haunts of icons such as David Bowie, Karl Marx, Dylan Thomas and Vivienne Westwood – enabling participants to soak up one of London’s most vibrant and colourful corners which inspired revolutions in fashion, sex, technology, art, politics and media.

Oh, and it's called The Creative Crawl because it inevitably ends up with a drink or two in a Soho pub.


like to be a launcher

It’s easy. Well, it’s not, but the process is. Simply send us your resume, with a covering note on why you match our REAL agency values. If you don’t help us with this, sorry, but we’re less likely to get back to you.