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6th November 2017

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An idea about different lenses

VICE and Vogue’s Project Vs will see two very different titles collaborate on a new online platform that will run for 100 days next yearWatch the video here.

An idea about priorities

Burger King’s tie-up with No Bully saw it serve ‘bullied’ burgers while a group of children (actors) bullied a smaller kid. Just 12% of punters stood up for the kid, but 95% stood up for their Whopper and complained. Watch the video here.

A strange(r) things idea

For the new season of Stranger Things, Netflix teamed up with Lyft to create “Strange Mode” car rides. Cue shaking seats, hands coming through the roof, and men in white HazMat suits. Watch the video here.

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An idea that brought a survey to life...

Hotels.com looked at our habit of abandoning holiday pool inflatables and created a ‘sanctuary’ in Majorca for all the sad unicorn rubber rings, blow-up palm trees and disused lilosWatch the rescued inflatables in their new home.

An idea about safer roads...

Direct Line’s ‘smart crossing’ shows how it approaches problems in the real world. And also stops people being run over (in theory) by adapting its markings and signals depending who’s using itSee it in action here.


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