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4th July 2018

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An idea about crayons

Crayola’s make-up partnership with ASOS included 95 shades, all based on actual crayon colour names like Dandelion and Outer Space. Packaging the make-up to look like genuine old-fashioned Crayola crayons was a clever touch.

Watch Fortune Magazine’s mini video about it here.

An idea about plastic money

American Express has teamed up with marine pollution charity Parley on anti-plastic initiative that includes a credit card made from plastic recovered from the ocean and along the coast.

Read all about the ocean plastic card here. 

An idea that just looks f**king cool…

US mag TIME wanted drones on the front page to show off its special ‘drone age’ report. It got 958 of them – deftly piloted by an Intel team to recreate the cover itself.

Watch TIME’s behind-the-scenes ‘making of’ the cover

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An idea about prejudice...

Mother New York tackled The US FDA’s refusal to accept blood from gay men by turning the “otherwise useless” blood of its gay male employees into screen-printing ink for t-shirts on World Blood Donor Day.

See the full range and the ideas behind them.

An idea about money for nothing (usable)...

John Lewis is buying back worn clothing from customers to reduce the annual 300,000 tonne fashion landfill. The pilot scheme with Stuffstr will even take old socks and pants. Ewww.

Read what The Guardian had to say about it.

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