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5th May 2018

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An idea about ideas

What value an idea? Well, we partnered with Dr Jon White to develop ‘Creative Value’ – a new ideas-led evaluation model and pricing structure for comms professionals.

Keep an eye out for more on this over the summer…

An idea about messing with maps

Reporters Without Borders hacked Google Maps to post ‘billboards’ calling out regimes that have silenced or even killed journalists for asking tough questions.

Watch subversive billboards suddenly appear in major cities. 

An idea about trolling

The Cybersmile Foundation launched its #TrollingIsUgly campaign by asking influencer Chessie King to upload a video in her underwear and then alter her image in real time based on comments from trolls. The result was, um, disturbing.

Watch this and see Chessie turn into something very strange…

See more ideas below…

Every month we run the rule over the best ideas from around the world - ideas that we think represent our real ideas™ ethos

An idea about an absolute unit...

Genuinely viral content comes from the strangest places. Step forward the Museum of English Rural Life’s #throwback to a portly ram. 107,493 likes and counting…

Read how it went viral and see the original tweet.

An idea about what you hate...

VICE's in-house creative agency & digital studio Koalition created an online tool to diversify people’s opinions by skewing their Facebook feed AWAY from their usual ‘bubble’ and showing them different content.

Re-balance your FB feed by visiting http://likewhatyoubleep.com/.

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