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Managing and mitigating the effects of negative stories is complex business, requiring quick reactions and thoughtful consideration. At Launch, we have both - and understand how media and social channels work, and how stories can spread.

We also understand that reputation management is a careful balancing act. Sometimes we'll act as an organisation's shield, sometimes its sword, but always with a firm eye on what is the right thing to do for the organisation, its stakeholders and its future.

Our team of media experts, which include former journalists, understand the triggers that can ignite a story and can defuse the spark of a story before it's taken hold. Whether you're concerned about an internal issue getting out or the problem is already on the front pages, we have the resource and capability to protect your brand and bolster your reputation when it's needed most.

We're equally comfortable working with global organisations, as we are with start-ups. From corporate governance to customer issues - and everything in between, we really do add value in this reputation-critical area.

At the heart of our issues and crisis work are a set of market leading reporting and management tools, that cover traditional and digital channels, and allow our teams and clients to access what they need, wherever they are in the world.

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Our team handles reactive press inquiries for companies like eBay and Saba.


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