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We’re proud to look after London’s largest hotel group, glh Hotels, creating media moments and guest experiences to help ensure beds are always booked and bars are always full.

Our press and social activity sees us launch new venues across the country, getting hundreds of journalists and influencers through the doors of glh-owned hotels. When required, we’re a key part of the issues team and last year dealt with the international press pack when athletes staying at one of the brand's hotels arrived with a highly virulent bug which threatened to wreck a major sporting event.

Our campaigns have involved Launch generated impactful ideas like ‘Wi-Fi a basic human right’, banning ‘Minimum Bar Spend’ as well as launching new innovations such as ‘Choose Your Own Room’ - and new hotel brand launches. 

For this year’s ‘Upgrade to Amba’ campaign, we enlisted the help of an experiential theatre company to stage a series of immersive events at Amba to bring to life the brand promise of ‘Upgrade to Amba’.

Working with Reuben Feels we generated surprising moments and playful content for journalists, event organisers and corporate customers using three ‘performances’ - in three different areas of the hotel. After a whirlwind 30 minutes with (almost!) runaway brides and terrifying cringeworthy team-building exercises, guests were welcomed in to a warm, festive ballroom with a 15ft Christmas tree, twinkling fairy lights, stunning floral decorations and the Victory Sisters singing every festive favourite tune you could think of. The ultimate winter wonderland! And a media and social love in.

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