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From establishing and growing communities, to creating engaging, shareable content, Launch’s social team specialise in running social media channels that keep the consumer at the heart – and turn groups of regular fans into armies of brand ambassadors.

Our 15 years of working with BP has helped us really get under the skin of its business, and we are now the custodians of BP Retail’s social channels. We apply over a decade of deep brand understanding to ensure BP customers receive the highest level of service, brand engagement - and a few emojis.

Monitoring Facebook (715k followers) and Twitter UK (4k followers) and PLC (66.5k followers) seven days a week, as well as reviews on the app store across Android and iOS, we respond to all customer concerns, complaints or compliments (they do happen) within an agreed three hour SLA. Dealing with issues across staff, forecourt services (including Wild Bean Café and M&S), fuel payments, app experiences and more, we ensure every post is responded to. We also endeavour to solve all queries within two responses or less, either directly by us or via a referral to BP’s customer service department – converting negative sentiment to neutral / positive where feasible. We encourage conversation and listen to every customer’s question – ensuring BP’s social channels are, well, social.

We also run a similar support service for new mobile donation business, Thinking of You, ensuring the entrepreneurial start up is socially supported 24/7.

Finally, recently for eBay, we challenged parenting and lifestyle influencers This Is Mothership and WishWishWish to unlock the cash stuck in unused items in their homes through eBay to fund a summer of fun. They documented their experiences through their blogs and social feeds and encouraged their followers to take the challenge too. Coverage appeared across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and their blogs and covered what they sold, how they used eBay successfully, and even included seller tips. Followers were engaged, responsive and left positive comments noting they would use eBay as a result.

We’re a social bunch.

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We manage all BP's social channels, and launched the new BPme app to consumers and businesses


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