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While we're (intentionally) not in any way a 'financial PR agency', our team has got personal (finance) experience of running media, social and content campaigns with organisations like Zurich Insurance, Weatherbys Bank, John Lewis Direct, Visa, egg and Barclays.

One of our favourite recent projects has been with online mortgage broker Habito.

For them we developed a positioning to really shout about Habito’s USP – making mortgages less complicated. Following a series of workshops, we distilled the core benefit of Habito. Unlike other mortgage brokers, Habito is free from jargon, free from complication, free from time wasting, free from fees, free from all the nonsense that the consumer is infuriated by in the mortgage process. And partly Inspired by the food industry, we packaged up all these brand benefits into one clearly articulated, jargon free brand platform:

We love it and it’s been pretty popular with Habito and become entrenched in their business. Working with The University of Nottingham and The University of Manchester, Habito has also cleaned up its own language, ensuring all language it uses is clear, simple and free from any jargon. Permeating every aspect of the brand, from website and social media to blogs and advertising – we will be working with Habito to take its ‘free from’ mission to the wider industry, petitioning broader financial institutions and the government to simplify financial contracts for the benefit of the customer.

Getting Launch involved is always a sound investment.

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After a successful launch of Weatherbys’ new premium insurance venture and several PR projects for its racing arm, Weatherbys asked us to promote its private banking offering.


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