BP, Hyundai, eBay, Indigo Parking

media, content, experiential, digital

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Our 14 year relationship with BP has been a privilege and given us an incredible canvas from which to really shine in this sector (we’re secret petrol heads you know.) We’re really strong at taking motoring brands off the motoring pages (or complementing them) – and putting them in the heart of the lifestyle arena.

We’ve also just completed our third year working with trailblazing Korean car company Hyundai on some truly epic creative campaigns, the most recent being the creation and launch of The KONA 10, an extreme driving challenge involving the 10 most famous volcanic ranges in the UK and Ireland, an extreme athlete, a volcanic historian, a media launch event on Snowdon - and the stunning all new KONA SUV, of course.

Job done. In 69 hours and 45 minutes!

Other client experience involves BMW, Ford (Fiesta and Focus) and Aston Martin (sponsorship activation.) We also represent Indigo Parking, the UK’s leading parking operator and eBay’s Parts and Accessories business – look out for our Car Challenge at Silverstone.

So come and clock up some PR mileage with us. We’ll drive it well.

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Keep Britain Moving for BP Ultimate involved a major piece of in-depth research exploring our emotional connection to car journeys. And we also discovered Brits' favourite car singalong tune. Handy for road-trip playlists.


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