what we do


A love of ideas and a passion for delivering a great campaign was why we set up shop 16 years ago - and it’s never been more true than today.

We’re respected for building, promoting and protecting brands through creative bravery and exacting delivery – across media, social, content and experiential.

In the old days we’d have been called a ‘PR company’ - but that’s just less relevant in today’s inter-connected, content driven world. We’re an ideas-led communications agency that specialises in communications.

And we’re called Launch because we’re always in motion for our clients. For us, if you’re not moving forwards, you’re going backwards.

Around 25 people, we’re really proud to work with all our clients from our Launchpad in Soho (that’s right, we’re a creative agency still based in W1).


We’re as fluent at complex reputational issues and long term brand building as we are at handling crises or taking a product in a completely new direction. Sure, we do a fair few launches and publicity stunts, but only when we think it will add real value to a client’s business.

When our clients say why they enjoy working with us, they say it’s because we don’t just deliver game changing ideas, but we’re equally good at getting the results too.

Some agencies are good at the thinking, but poor at the delivery. Others can be great project managers but produce run of the mill creative. So the initiative gets stuck, momentum is lost, the idea loses definition or relevance – it becomes less real, less valuable.

At Launch, we aim high and we deliver. Ideas become real with us.

Couple that with the type of real people you work with at Launch; creative, honest, curious, on it, pragmatic and fun – and you have the real ideas™ agency.


like to be a launcher

It’s easy. Well, it’s not, but the process is. Simply send us your resume, with a covering note on why you match our REAL agency values. If you don’t help us with this, sorry, but we’re less likely to get back to you.