Our take on the real ideas of September
2nd October 2017

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A really rubbish idea

LADbible & Plastic Oceans Foundation are shaming the world into tackling the France-sized island of discarded plastic off the coast of Hawaii by turning it into the world’s 196th nation – the Trash IslesWatch the video here.

Some ideas from the heat of battle

The Science Museum and the Natural History Museum went toe-to-toe on Twitter.

Cue sea beasts and robots. In the end, a resounding victory for both. See more here.

A totally sick idea…

When Adidas dropped a new version of its classic München trainer just before Oktoberfest, it added a special coating to make vomit and beer bounce off. The only thing that DID stick was publicity. Watch the video here.

See more great ideas below…


Every month we run the rule over the best ideas from around the world - ideas that we think represent our real ideas™ ethos

An idea about taking lots of drugs

Netflix ‘pushed’ Season 3 of Narcos with stickers resembling rolled-up notes  dusted with coke in the bathrooms of clubs in LA, Chicago, New York and MiamiSee more here.

An idea about the ultimate road trip...

We helped BP Ultimate celebrate the ultimate British road trip by filming funnyman Mark Dolan on the road with an old friend. Comedy scenesWatch it here.

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