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4th November 2018

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An idea that no-one noticed…

Breast cancer charity Marie Keating Foundation placed a small lump on the most touched (& photographed) breasts in Dublin – on the Molly Malone statue – to test people’s awareness of what to check for. No-one spotted it.

See them sneakily adding the lump in the dead of night

An idea about art-ificial intelligence…

Paris-based art nerds Obvious have been feeding 15,000 portraits from the last 700 years into a giant computer to teach it how to paint. One of its paintings just sold for $432,500.

See some more of Obvious’ artistic wares… 

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An idea about different sounds…

 There’s rock. Sometimes they meet successfully (hi, Beastie Boys!), but not very often. But this thoughtful collab between Fender, producer Adrian Younge and A Tribe Called Quest DJ Ali Shaheed Muhammad explores how genres compliment each other.

See the full film here

An idea about defeating Trunchbulls…

For the 30th anniversary of Matilda, The Roald Dahl Story Company asked people which hideous tyrants a grown-up Matilda would be facing down today. There was only winner….

See Matilda vs Trump

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