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1st December 2017

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An idea about fine art

Ikea seized on the $450m sale of Leonardo da Vinci’s Salvatore Mundi, suggesting the buyer check out its range of frames that work “with any painting, even those from the 1490s”. The video was pulled from YouTube for “multiple third-party notifications of copyright infringement” so you’ll just have to read about it here.

An idea about (UK) volcanoes

To launch Hyundai’s new compact SUV, the KONA, we took our cue from its volcanic Hawaiian namesake. Adventurer Sophie Radcliffe tackled 10 UK volcanic ranges in just 69 hours for the KONA 10 Challenge. Watch the video here.

An idea that took a while to come good

When Ello arrived as an ad-free social network it got 3m users. But no-one got it. Now it’s reborn as The Creators Network and lets artists show off their work. Look at the gallery here.

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An idea about saving the USA

NSFW game Cards Against Humanity wants to save America from “preposterous golem” Donald Trump. So it bought a chunk of land on the route of ‘The Wall’ and hired a team of crack lawyers to keep hold of it. Watch the video here.

An idea about crap gifts...

Virgin Atlantic’s Where I Want For Christmas campaign is taking a stand against “gifts that nobody really wants”. Its online hub lets people chip in for a flight to someone’s dream destinationPick your dream destination here.


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