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8th April 2018

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An idea about owning up when you f**k up

You make a typo on 17,000 bags – you own it. ASOS cunningly dubbed its error a ‘limited edition’ and everyone went nuts for it.

See the original Twitter thread here.

An idea about endangered species

If your logo has been around for 85 years, you don’t tend to mess with it. So it was brave of Lacoste to swap its iconic crocodile for 10 animals at risk of extinction.

Watch the crocodile get swapped for 10 other animals. 

An idea about a ride for the Tin Man

You’re BetBright the bookmaker and the Cheltenham Festival is looming. How to get cut-through? Invent a robot jockey, of course! Now, where’s that heart….

Watch him go!!!!

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A green idea

LEGO has announced that “botanical elements” – bushes and trees to you and me – will be made from ACTUAL PLANTS. OK, it’s plant-based plastic sourced from sugarcane, but it’s still a clever way to signal a departure from using crude oil as a base material.

Watch this cute stop-motion film about it.

An idea about a tiny fashion show

Global fashion search platform Lyst teamed up with Sylvanian Families to dress the retro woodland creatures in lines from Gucci, Versace & Burberry (among others).

Creepy – or adorable. YOU decide.

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