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2nd February 2018

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An idea about fake science

Netflix set up a fake stand at tech show CES for “Psychasec“, the company from its new sci-fi series Altered Carbon. Punters drawn in by claims of body ‘upgrades’ found themselves faced with a vacuum-sealed ‘human’. Watch a video about it here.

A creative inspiration

We live and breathe Real ideas™. So we’ve created the first guided ‘creative tour’ of Soho. It’s designed to stimulate those seeking inspiration from some of Soho’s greatest creative spirits. See the map in all its glory here

An idea about a painting (but was really about art and feminism)

Manchester Art Gallery (temporarily) removed a “soft porn” painting and invited comments on Post-it notes. Cue predictable outcry, but also a debate about sexuality in art – owned by the gallery. Here’s the artist who curated the removal explaining her rationale.

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Every month we run the rule over the best ideas from around the world - ideas that we think represent our real ideas™ ethos

An idea that makes urban transport cool

Adidas teamed up with Berlin’s transport company on a new shoe. Borrowing the pattern from the city’s train seats, the 500 pairs work as an annual (€728) transit pass. Watch the video here.

An idea about weeing for discounts

Ikea released a magazine ad with an, er, wee twist. If pregnant women pee’d on the ad, it revealed a special discounted price on cribs. Watch the video here.



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