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12th September 2018

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An idea with INSANE ambition & delivery…

LEGO has built a life-sized Bugatti Chiron out of ‘Technic’ bricks (no glue!). It’ll carry two passengers and do more than 20km/h. Brand building – literally.

See the LEGO Chiron being put through its paces

The weirdest brand tie-up…

Supreme x New York Post (Donald Trump’s fave read) might just be the streetwear brand’s strangest collaboration to date – and that’s saying something (Supreme hammer, anyone?). But it felt right for a brand that does things differently.

Read how confused Post readers were about it and

buy a copy for £17.99 on eBay if you really want one… 

A digital detox idea…

London City Airport offered travellers a digital detox for their holidays by giving them a Light Phone that just makes & takes calls (it’s still £100, mind). In return, they had to pledge to be gadget-free for at least 48 hours.

See the Light Phone in, er, action… 

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An idea that needs to stop…

ENOUGH with the tattoos.
Coca-Cola offered them to the over 70s – and that was cool.
Now Strongbow will ink you a ‘Dark Fruits’ logo, which is definitely not. Domino’s just got burned in Russia too. Just stop it, yeah?

Watch people get actual cans of Strongbow tattooed on their legs and

see some crazy Russians who REALLY love pizza

An idea about taunting losers…

The Cleveland Browns are a kind of NFL equivalent of Sunderland AFC. They’ve lost 31 out of 32 games in the last two years. So Bud Light has dropped ‘Victory Fridges’ around the city with padlocks that won’t be removed until they win. Cruel.

And no – a draw is not enough to unlock them

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