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20th July 2017

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An idea that isn’t what you think it is

3 Mobile, Samsung and Netflix riffed on ‘Netflix & chill’ with a Bed ‘N’ Binge getaway – complete with a luxury yurt serving Netflix-inspired cocktailsSee more here.

An idea from another planet (kind of)

Cornwall’s Eden Project recruited locals to help it drop a (surprisingly convincing) UFO hoax ahead of its Journey Into Space attraction. See more here.

An idea about new lenses for London

Five boroughs. Five photographers, One city. Beefeater Gin’s tie-up with Vice tells London’s story via “people, issues & built environment”. See more here.

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An idea about keeping kids quiet

EasyJet is putting 7,000 kids’ books on 147 planes. Calling them ‘Flybraries’ was a nice touch, as was involving Dame Jaqueline Wilson and Puffin ClassicsSee more here.

A brand  flexing its muscles

For Muji, shops and showrooms are not enough. Two branded hotels will be kitted out with its minimalist wares and every item will be sold onlineSee more here.

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