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30th June 2017

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An idea about old art and new tech…

Adobe & Photoshop brush maker Kyle T. Webster used high-def tech to recreate digital versions of Edvard Munch’s brushes for Photoshop and Sketch users. See more here.

An idea that messes with the brand…

An “ecosystem of artful & playful experiences” based around different ways you could mis-hear MailChimp. KaleLimp or WhaleSynth, anyone? See more here.

An idea about ‘poop-sicles’…

Fancy an ice lolly made of bits of frozen trash and stinking of sewage?

Nope – us neither. But it’s a clever way to raise awareness of Taiwan’s overwhelming pollution issues. See more here.

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Every month we run the rule over the best ideas from around the world - ideas that we think represent our real ideas™ ethos

An idea about drawer, space…

IKEA wants space-saving furniture. So it sent its designers into space. Well, NASA’s Mars desert research station in Utah. But three days in a 10 sq/m capsule teaches you a lot about storage. See more here.

An campaign idea found in a whale…

When a whale died in a Norwegian cove, Sky Ocean Rescue took the plastic that killed it from its stomach & told a powerful story of ocean pollution. See more here.

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