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23rd August 2017

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An idea about fear

Always has made ‘failure’ the focus of its latest iconic “Like a Girl” campaign, showing young girls that it’s OK to fail because that’s how you learn and growSee more here.

Some really baffling ideas

In 1994, Bill Drummond & Jimmy Cauty of The KLF set fire to £1m and promptly disappeared. 23 years later they popped up in Liverpool – driving an ice-cream van – to launch “a work of dystopian fiction”. See more here.

An idea about restoration

Crowds at this year’s Silverstone Classic saw a classic 1984 Ford Capri restored in just three days at eBay RESTORATION LIVE. The finished car was then sold on eBay for Prostate Cancer UK. See more here.

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An idea about an old advert

In 1973, Ridely Scot (yes, the Ridley Scott) had Carl Barlow push a bike up a steep hill for a Hovis ad. 44 years later, Evans Cycles gave him an electric bike to complete the journey on two wheelsSee more here.

An idea about GIFs

Brazilian beer Brahma decided to have a pop at ephemeral content – by making an advert out of GIFs. It starts with a man repeatedly being kicked in the head by a horse and… Well, just watch itSee more here.

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