Creating a jaw-dropping stunt
18th August 2017

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I was recently asked by PRMoment for advice on how to create a jaw-dropping stunt.

A good stunt creates a conversation that lives beyond coverage. By its nature, a stunt is short-lived, so it has to be a shareable ‘water-cooler moment’. A forgettable flash-in-the-pan isn’t going to do much for any brand. And if people don’t want to capture and share the stunt with their mates, it hasn’t hit the mark.

Stunts used to be all about the picture. But whilst creating an iconic still image remains important for picture desks, the best stunts today have to do more. They need to amaze, entertain, impress or surprise. And they have to deliver in different media – shareable images for social, a big picture that will work in print, videos that can be embedded and shared.

Start from a great idea with a simple creative narrative, make sure your planning is brilliant and your timings precise, and keep the brand at the forefront. And leave nothing to chance.

This article is based on a story that originally ran in PRMoment.

"A good stunt creates a conversation that lives beyond coverage"

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