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Fresh off the back of a new ATL campaign, Yakult (which is made using ‘science not magic’) tasked us with making the most of their sponsorship of Olympic swimming hero Jazz Carlin.

Aligned to their ATL, we came up with an idea to look into the ‘science behind the swimming age’ and teamed up with Sport Scientists at Loughborough University to develop a model that could measure the swimming age of media and influencers - using a range of wearable technology and tasks from the Amateur Swimming Association.

We invited media and influencers to take part in a 1-1 pool session with the scientists measuring their swimming age and Jazz Carlin cheering them on, giving them pointers on how to improve.  A report detailing their swimming age and bespoke tips for improvement from Jazz were sent to the media following their 1-1.

We also carried out some research into Brits’ attitudes towards swimming, which achieved coverage on the likes of Press Association, Daily Express and BT.com. Influencers who attended the event documented their experiences across their social channels with #SwimWithJazz resulting in a total campaign reach of 48,066,512.

In order to hit the consumer titles for New Year New You season, we then also sold in profiles of Jazz Carlin to the long and short leads with coverage landing in Press Association, Huffington Post and Eurosport, resulting in a total reach so far of 29,813,436.

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