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We create ‘brand moments’ for eBay that support business critical verticals and seasonal buying periods.

In 2016 eBay Parts & Accessories challenged us to reach and educate a very disparate and niche audience.

So, in true Launch style we created two all-new brand properties; the EBAY CAR CHALLENGE, which saw three amateur restorers perfect a car using just parts from eBay. And, secondly RESTORATION LIVE at Silverstone Classic, where professional mechanics restored a 1983 classic Range Rover in front of a live audience. With extensive content for media and social, the campaign generated over 110 pieces of coverage and reached an overall digital audience of 9.8m. So successful has it been, we’re now doing it all over again, but bigger and better for 2017!

For Christmas we were challenged to drive people to sell their unwanted gifts on the site, a commercially important moment for the online marketplace.

But, getting share of voice with the media and setting the right ‘non-scrooge’ tone was key. So we created Boxing Up Day (get it?), by pinpointing 29th December as the best day to sell unwanted gifts, analysing the psychology of the post Christmas period with a consumer behaviour expert.

We generated 14 national pieces and a reach of 432 million.

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